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April 17, 2014

Just Between Friends - Kids Consignment Sale

I love going to the Just Between Friends kids consignment sale. The one I go to its held twice a year. The upcoming sale is the last week of April/first week of May.

You can visit the Just Between Friends website here. On it they have their locations, dates and times of all their sales. The admission price is a dollar or two depending on which day of the sale you attend, but I have always found free admission tickets on their website.

Bring reusable shopping bags with you to hold your purchases!  I also bring my stroller to act as a cart and I carry my daughter.  I also bring a friend.  Shopping is more fun with company!

There is a spring sale and a fall sale. The spring sale has warm weather clothing and the fall sale has cold weather clothes.

I look mainly for $2 to $4 bargains while shopping and at the last sale was able to update my daughter's closet for winter pretty nicely for $50.

I quickly took some pictures while at the last sale to show my husband the scale of the event.  They are a bit blurry since I had a squirmy baby in my arms and only had my slow cell phone shutter to rely on!

Almost all of the clothes look new or just slightly used. They are also in style.

I like to pile up everything I like and then go through them for my favorites and the best deals.  For example, I'll find 4 different pairs of jeans while shopping and then decide at the end which ones are the best quality for the best price.  Its what works for me, even though I leave a huge rack of go-backs, as you can see below!

The one exception to the quality of selection is the shoes. They are dirty and overpriced. Seriously, some of the shoes look like they just came from a dirty playground.

There are toys, strollers, and all kinds of baby things. I go for the clothes, but you never know what you will find!

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